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Support for integrated national financing frameworks

International support to implementing integrated national financing frameworks The thematic chapter of the 2019 FSDR provides guidance to countries on how to operationalize integrated national financing frameworks for sustainable development. Such frameworks allow them to strengthen their financing policies in support of sustainable development. They are a tool to implement the Addis Ababa Action Agenda at the country level. The international community offers a wide range of support initiatives to help countries strengthen their financing policies. A survey among members of the IATF has identified 200 such initiatives at the country level. They span all action areas of the Addis Agenda:

A. Domestic public resources (39 initiatives)  

B. Private business and finance (48 initiatives) 

C. International development cooperation (20 initiatives) 

D. International trade (38 initiatives)

E. Debt and debt sustainability (11 initiatives) 

F. Systemic issues (19 initiatives) 

G. Science, technology, innovation and capacity building (10 initiatives) 

Data, monitoring and follow-up (15 initiatives) 

Task Force members were asked to highlight key initiatives, so the above is only a selection of available tools and measures. They are categorized as capacity building, technical assistance, diagnostic tools or other forms of support – among the 200 initiatives reported, 47 diagnostic tools, 72 capacity building measures, and 82 technical assistance programmes were identified. Support measures most often target SDG 17, and SDG 9 but many initiatives also target SDG 1 and 13. Country-level support is also provided for many of the support initiatives and the survey also provides information about interlocutors at country-level: most commonly, agencies engage relevant ministries. In total, 16 members of the Task Force responded to the survey, including all the major institutional stakeholders of the FfD process.

Domestic public resources

In regard to domestic public resources a total of 39 support measures were identified directly targeted towards improving domestic resource mobilization, through providing support in tax administration, tax policy, international tax cooperation, illicit financial flows, expenditure and other areas.

Private Business and Finance

In regard to private business and finance total of 48 support measures were reported, in the areas of investment climate and domestic enabling environment, infrastructure investment, financial inclusion and remittances, financial and capital market development, ESG and responsible investing, and other issues.

International Development Cooperation

In regard to international development cooperation a total of 20 support measures were highlighted by members of the IATF, in areas such as graduation, access to concessional and climate finance, monitoring and evaluation, and other issues. 

International Trade

In regard international trade to a total of 38 support measures are available, in the areas of trade policy, trade negotiations, trade and investment agreements; trade finance; aid for trade; domestic enabling environments for trade; and other issues.

Debt and Debt Sustainability

In regard to debt and debt sustainability a total of 11 support measures were highlighted, on public debt management, debt data and reporting; debt sustainability; responsible borrowing and lending; innovative debt instruments; and other issues.

Addressing systemic issues

In regard to systemic issues a total of 19 support measures were identified, around macroeconomic stability; financial regulation; policy coherence; and other issues.

Science, technology, innovation and capacity-building

In regard to Science, technology, innovation and capacity building 10 initiatives identified pertain to STI strategies and roadmaps; enabling environments for STI; access to technology; fintech and other issues.

Data, Monitoring & Follow-ups

In regard to data, monitoring and follow-up 15 support measures are being provided.