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Data on cross border financing and domestic resource mobilization

The Addis Agenda aims to improve data availability on specific issues, in particular resource mobilization, spending and cross-border financing.

Statistical Commission work

At its forty-eighth session in 2017, the Commission agreed with the revised indicator framework, recognizing that building a robust and high-quality indicator framework will need to develop over time, and that all indicators are not necessarily applicable in all national contexts. Currently, the SDG indicators database, based on the framework developed by the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goal Indicators, includes data for 115 of the 230 SDG indicators agreed in 2016, with almost 500 data series and a total of more than 330,000 data records, disaggregated at country, regional and global levels. The database and reports based on it represent a comprehensive measure of progress. Data is already being reported and is available on the Global SDG indicator database

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The Addis Agenda includes commitments to improve data availability specifically on resource mobilization, spending and cross-border financing. The data on Goal 17 and the means of implementation of the SDGs are particularly relevant to the FfD follow-up, and are an integral part of the work of the Task Force. In March 2016, the UNSC agreed on indicators covering ODA, foreign direct investment, South-South cooperation, remittances, and the dollar value of financial and technical assistance committed to developing countries overall. However, data for the component of the indicator covering South-South cooperation (17.3.1) is not specified. The online annex of the Task Force clearly highlights relevant SDG indicators and links to the data, and much of this data is reported and included in the chapters of the Task Force report. Some flows are well covered, but not all relevant flows are being captured and improved tracking remains a challenge.
It should be acknowledged that those SDG indicators do not cover all financial flows that may be considered relevant. The statistical framework for the identification of international financial flows is the Sixth Edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6). The Statistical Commission has also recognized that the development of a robust and high-quality indicator framework is a technical process that will need to continue over time and requested the Inter-Agency and Expert Group (IAEG) to provide its proposals and a plan for reviews of the indicator framework to the Statistical Commission. Such a process can be expected to entail the review of the adequacy of international statistics related to the SDG indicators. There is a high degree of overlap between the agencies that are members of the IAEG and the membership of this Task Force.