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Developing national policy frameworks for science, technology and innovation

In the Addis Agenda, governments commit to adopting science, technology and innovation strategies and to craft policies that incentivize the creation of new technologies, research and innovation in developing countries.

Adopt science, technology and innovation strategies as integral elements of national sustainable development strategies

Access to STI does not guarantee social and economic impact. The ability to make use of and benefit from STI is essential. Therefore, in order for STI efforts to contribute to sustainable development it is necessary not only to devote efforts to increase access to relevant technologies, but also to establish coherent STI policies and an enabling environment.

Recent trends in national innovation strategies show that many Governments, particularly in developed countries, have focused their attention on improving the ability of firms to invest in research, development and innovation, rather than on public research, as a response to budgetary constraints. This includes financing of business innovation and entrepreneurship, rationalizing public research spending, and strengthening ties between public and private research.