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IATF and Expert Meeting on the thematic chapter of the 2019 FSDR

IATF and Expert Meeting on the thematic chapter of the 2019 FSDR: National Financing Strategies for the SDGs

  • Date: Tuesday, 30 October 2019, 9am - 6pm
  • Location: Conference Room 9, UNHQ, New York


Introduction and opening discussion

Opening presentation, Shari Spiegel and Oliver Schwank, FSDO


Setting the scene: Financing landscapes, national sustainable development strategies and plans and their financing components

Financing landscapes, Annalisa Prizzon, ODI

National economic plans and SDGs, Ahmet Soylemezoglu, Independent consultant


National financing strategies for the SDGs

Financing strategies, Tim Strawson, UNDP

Financing for stability, Rachel Scott, OECD


Elements of financing strategies I: assessment of financing needs and costing exercises

SDG costing, Mercedes Garcia-Escribano, IMF

Systematic country diagnostic, Ambar Narayan, WBG


Elements of financing strategies II: public financial management and development cooperation policies

Medium-term revenue strategies, Katherine Baer, IMF

Public financial management, Ceren Ozar, WBG

Development cooperation and international support, Yuko Suzuki, UNDP

National development cooperation policies, Doris Schmitz-Meiners, FSDO

Development cooperation and international support, Richard Bailey, UN DOCO


Elements of financing strategies III: macroeconomic and debt policies; private investment policies and plans

Macroeconomic policies, Chris Lane, IMF

Macroeconomics and debt in financing strategies, Barry Herman, The New School

Investment policies, Chantal Line Carpentier, UNCTAD

Investment plans, Krishnan Sharma, FSDO


Cross-cutting and sectoral examples: mainstreaming climate action and climate finance

Climate finance strategies, Chantal Naidoo, University of Sussex

Forest financing strategies, Ben Singer, UNFF


Session on Financial Sector Development 

  • Date: Wednesday, 31 October 2019, 9am - 1pm
  • Location: Conference Room 9, UNHQ, New York



Ahmet Soylemezoglu, Independent Consultant


Financial sector development 

Martin Cihak, IMF

Axel Bertuch-Samuels, Independent Consultant

Beth Porter, UNCDF


Capital market development

Ana Fiorella Carvajal, World Bank


National strategies for sustainable financial sector and capital market development

Ahmet Soylemezoglu, Independent Consultant