Online annex: Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development ( Revenue increase and reduced smoking in a simulation of tobacco excise tax increases ,Africa,Americas,Eastern Mediterranean,Europe,South-East Asia,Western Pacific Revenue increase, billions I$,4.333,19.269,9.572,39.596,16.991,100.668 People who would quit smoking daily (millions),5.127,4.359,6.942,8.268,10.232,30.689 Chart downloaded on 2020-08-11 10:07:32 from based on data from Goodchild, Mark, Anne-Marie Perucic and Nigar Nargis (2016). Modelling the impact of raising tobacco taxes on public health and ( Note: International dollars are based on the purchasing power parity exchange rates for 2014. Countries categorised by World Health Organization (WHO) regions.