Online annex: Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development ( Agriculture orientation index for government expenditures, selected years ,2001,2005,2010,2013 Least developed countries (LDCs),0.18,0.24,0.15,0.26 Landlocked developing countries (LLDCs),0.19,0.33,0.4,0.43 Small island developing States (SIDS),0.59,0.74,1,0.55 Developed regions,0.49,0.53,0.42,0.41 Developing regions,0.37,0.35,0.35,0.33 Chart downloaded on 2020-06-05 19:47:11 from based on data from IMF and UNSD national accounts main estimates, combined IMF and FAO Questionaire/ Official country publications and UN.