Online annex: Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development ( Risk-based capital and leverage ratios, 2011-2016 ,H1 2011,H2 2011,H1 2012,H2 2012,H1 2013,H2 2013,H1 2014,H2 2014,H1 2015,H2 2015,H1 2016 Capital shortfall (risk-based capital ratio),929.4,841.8,618.6,444.7,305.3,159.3,101.3,46.2,15.9,8.8,4.8 Risk-based capital ratio,7.1,7.7,8.5,9.2,9.5,10.2,10.8,11.1,11.4,11.8,11.9 Leverage ratios,3.4,3.5,3.7,3.7,4,4.5,4.7,5,5.2,5.5,5.5 Additional shortfall of capital to meet leverage ratio,,,,,,19.4,2.7,1.6,0,0,0 Chart downloaded on 2020-01-28 00:19:35 from based on data from BCBS Basel III Monitoring Report, March 2017. Note: The graph shows data for banks that have Tier 1 capital of more than €3 billion and are internationally active (Group 1 banks). The ratios are weighted by risk-weighted assets. Total capital shortfall for banks to reach the fully phased-in 2019 Common Equity Tier 1 (CET1) target ratio of 7 per cent plus bank-specific G-SIB surcharges if applicable, and the respective target levels (and G-SIB surcharges) for Tier 1 and total capital ratios. Additional total capital shortfall to meet the fully phased-in leverage ratio (on top of the target risk-based capital ratios), assuming a 3 per cent calibration as per BCBS (2014).