Online annex: Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development ( Aggregate liquidity shortfalls, 2012-2016 ,H2 2012,H1 2013,H2 2013,H1 2014,H2 2014,H1 2015,H2 2015,H1 2016 Liquidity coverage ratio (right axis),121.3,116.7,120.4,123,126,123.8,125.5,126.5 Net stable funding ratio (right axis),99.6,100,111.3,110.7,111.4,112,113.9,113.9 Net stable funding shortfall,1,669.10,1,568.90,631.4,483.2,436.2,343.9,183.4,108.6 Liquidity coverage shortfall,429.4,400,278.4,219.6,88.5,47,54.2,24 Chart downloaded on 2020-09-23 07:41:16 from based on data from BCBS Basel III Monitoring Report, March 2017. Note: The graph shows data for banks that have Tier 1 capital of more than €3 billion and are internationally active (“Group 1 banks”). The liquidity ratios are weighted by CET1 capital.