Online annex: Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development ( Progress in implementing comprehensive bank resolution regimes ,Resolution Planning (% of jurisdictions),Recovery Planning (% of jurisdictions),Resolution Powers (% of jurisdictions),Resolution Planning (market size),Recovery Planning (market size),Resolution Powers (market size) Final rule in force,62.5,79.2,37.5,73.4,95.6,54.8 Final rule or draft regulation published,4.2,0,54.2,18.5,0.0,43.4 Draft regulation not published,33.3,20.8,8.3,8.2,4.4,1.7 Chart downloaded on 2020-01-27 23:43:01 from based on data from Financial Stability Board ( The six EU members of the FSB are presented as separate jurisdictions. Market size based on assets of banks domiciled in each FSB jurisdiction at end-2014. Resolution powers is a composite indicator on extent to which jurisdictions have transfer, bail-in and temporary stay powers in their regime.