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Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative (StAR)

StAR has continued to advance the international policy dialogue through advocating for the lowering of barriers for asset recovery in the context of the 10th Asset Recovery Working Group of the Conference of the States Parties to the UN Convention against Corruption, the Resumed 7th session of the Implementation Review Group (IRG) of the Convention, the 17th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC), and the UK Anti-Corruption Summit. The development of innovative approaches and practices in pursuing the tracing, recovery and return of stolen assets continued to be actively pursued in a number of regional and global networks of asset recovery practitioners, with StAR support. Important developments during 2016 included the decision to hold the first Global Asset Recovery Forum (GFAR) pursuant to the UK Anti-Corruption Summit and the launch of the second cycle of Review of Implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption, which will focus on Chapter V on Asset Recovery and on Chapter II on Preventive Measures of the Convention.

In 2016 direct country level support included 24 countries, most of which were located in Latin America and the Caribbean, and some of them were located in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Europe. At least 500 officials were trained on asset recovery in a multitude of training events at the international, regional and national levels on topics such as domestic coordination, international cooperation, mutual legal assistance, financial investigations, including the effective use of open source, as well as the identification of beneficial owners of companies were delivered. Feedback from counterparts in several countries indicates that technical support from StAR has improved and facilitated their communications with other jurisdictions and increased their chances for asset recovery.

During 2016, the StAR publication “Getting the Full Picture on Public Officials: A How-To Guide for Effective Financial Disclosure” was launched on the International Anti-Corruption Day with a presentation done at the founding meeting of the new "Network for Integrity" in Paris. Available at: http://star.worldbank.org/star/publication/getting-full-picture-public-o....

During 2016, StAR continued to support the Global Asset Recovery Focal Point Initiative (together with INTERPOL), the Global Forum on Asset Recovery (GFAR), the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network of Southern Africa (ARINSA), the Asset Recovery Network established by GAFILAT countries, former GAFISUD countries (Red de Recuperación de Activos de Gafisud - RRAG), the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Eastern Africa (ARIN-EA), the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for Asia and the Pacific (ARIN-AP), and the Asset Recovery Inter-Agency Network for West Africa (ARIN-WA) (under preparation). These networks are at different stages of development and have been effectively used, to varying degrees, for exchange of information and experiences by practitioners.


Examples of StAR Publications:

·         The Asset Recovery Handbook:                 A Guide for Practitioners

·         Public Office, Private Interests Accountability through Income and Asset Disclosures

Left out of the Bargain: Settlements in Foreign Bribery Cases and Implications for Asset Recovery